News from the Sudanese women’s museum

30 09 2008

Omima Mustafa Ahmed writes: “Warm greeting form Sudan and the Sudanese women museum. It was pleasure to meet you during the first international congress of Women’s museums. I really apologize for delaying the translation of the resolution to Arabic Language I was so busy with my office work, so sorry for the delay.” We have not all translations until now, Omima, no problem! Good luck to the women’s museum of Sudan!


News from the FemArtMuseum, Netherlands

30 09 2008

Freda Dröes writes: “Sorry that you had to wait so long for a answer. First holidays and then exiting times. We got money from the municipal of Amsterdam to prepare an building and we are perhaps near in getting a building. I, as director of the FemArtMuseum (in construction) read you’re your resolution and the projects of network. I agree with them. I feel part of the network. I want to be on the flyer with the FemArtMuseum. But I have a board and I want to ask them if they agree also.” Dear Freda, so we wait for the answer of the board and we are happy that you feel yourself part of the network womeninmuseum!

News from Iran

30 09 2008

In the arab version here the news from Iran:

Shirin Ebadi will have tomorrow at the Akademie Tutzing the Toleranzpreis (for the description of the prize look at: Further information in german you can read there:, in farsi there:,,3657460,00.html?maca=per-rss-per-all-1491-rdf

Also in the feminist-school there is a interview with Nasrin Sotoudeh in farsi, who becomes on 12th December 2008 the HRI-Prize a Merano: (in english), (in farsi)

News from IMOW, San Francisco

30 09 2008

Catherine King from IMOW, San Francisco writes: 

Thank you for keeping the network going strong and I intend to participate as I can. The blog is wonderful and I am grateful that you have been posting I.M.O.W. news. I also saw the note from Erin Skinner at the National Women’s History Museum and am interested to learn more about their plans. Because they focus on American women, and we are international in reach, our content is very different, but I hope we can forge a connection. 
Our search for the permanent site in San Francisco continues, but the final building has not been selected. An opening date is hoped around 2012 but cannot be predicted.”
As we are no more allowed to change something on we will do this in another place when we have it.


News from women’s museum Peru

30 09 2008
Maritza Villavicencio from the women’s museum of Peru writes to the women’s museum of Merano, that she is sad that she couldn’t partecipate to the Congress in June 2008, but she wants to be part of the network womeninmuseum. So we have another museum part of our network!

New member from Germany

11 09 2008

There is a new initiative of women’s museum in Berlin (Germany) called “Frauenwelt. Ein Dokumentationszentrum der Hälfte der Menschheit e.V.” Contact person is Dr. Carolin Krings-Lazovsky. She visits the women’s museum of Meran and talked with Sissi Prader a long time. This initiative has a project of a exposition about the wedding.

New member from Peru!

11 09 2008

We have a new member: the women’s museum of Peru: Museo Memoria de la Mujer Peruana. President is Maritza Villavicencio and she wants to have contact with the museums of the network!