News from “1000 Peacewomen across the Globe”

18 08 2008

Eva Gillis from the “1000 Peacewomen across the Globe” writes today to the network women in museum:

“Dear womanmuseum women! It is such a common expression, though as true as ever: time goes by so fast! But the memories I treasure from our meeting at the occasion of the 1. International Congress of women’s museums in Meran, are still very much alive and I recall particularely the spirit of inspiration and sense of pioneerism, the enthusiasm and above all, meeting and talking with all of you.
On my way home to Zurich, so many things regardeing your museums in combination with our project and exhibition “1000 Peacewomen Across the Globe” went through my head and I will try now to capture a few of them and put them into words.
To start with, there couldn’t be a better platform for the 1000 peacewomen to be shown and made aware of than a women’s museum. Whilst I appreciate that there are all kinds of women’s museum, some accentuate more on the history of women in their own region, others show past and modern art of women and again others put their emphasies on humanitarian and politcical issues. And somtimes it’s a blend of it all.
Therefore the work of the 1000 peacewomen, which in our project, book and exhibition is devided into ten categories of fields of activities, is tangend to all types of women’s museum. This also has to do with our
definition of peace which is a lot more than just the absence of war. It means to respect human rights, women’s rights, fighting poverty, assuring education, have access to health systems, build awareness of
ecoligical issues etc.
The 1000 peacewomen are representative for many, many more women, who, with their work are tremendous peacebuilders, though most of the time are not noticed, harldy ever mentioned in the media, are not appreciated by a vast majority. The message of the exhibition is to make these women visible and noticeable all over the world.
There are also some dates throughout the year which lend extremely well to the exhibition such as:
March 8, International Day of Women
September 21, International Day of Peace
and this year 16 days will be dedicated to “Stopp violence against women” from November 25 – December 10, 2008. The last day also being the International Day of Human Rights.
In October 2010 will be the the highlighting of UN-Resolution 1325 which demands that more women are actively integrated in confilict resolving. The resolution had been implemented in 2000 though not much has been realised so far….
If you are interested in the exhibition and would like to know more about it, please visit our website The fotogallery shows a variety of possibilities how the cards can be shown.
But of course, I’m also just happy to get a word from you in letting me know, how you are doing and what your prospects are for the near future and should some of you have any more questions with regards to the
exhibition I would be more than glad to give you the necessary information.
Also I hope, that by the next congress of womenmuseums, Switzerland, will be represented with its own museum. Martha is very dedicated to it and maybe I will get involved aswell.
For now I close with my very best wishes and warm regards to all of you. Eva Gillis.




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